Divorce Care for Men


This is not what you wanted...

Divorce Sucks. However you got here, it wasn’t the destination that you wanted to end up at. I’ve often said, I don’t care how good the reasons are for divorce, I still wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

A part of your soul has been ripped out of you. When we think of "getting over a divorce" we think of binge drinking and thoughtless sexual hook ups. It’s way most of the world will tell you to bounce back.

But it’s not the way.

It merely prolongs your healing process and is only a numbing agent. That path will lead you to more destruction and worse will stunt your true self, the real man in you that your family and the world needs.

I know the pain, I know the rock bottom feeling of feeling betrayed, hurt, lost wounded and I’ve also know exactly how it feels to find real hope and a new, redeemed new life.

What you need is a goal, a destination, and a plan.  Stop numbing out. It's time to stop blaming your ex-wife, her mother, her sister, her friends. All that's in the past. All you've got it what's ahead of you. 

Let's do this togeher. 

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