Loves, Fears, Desires

A guided practice for building Trust & Intimacy and greater connection


A proven exercise that works

Re-build trust and intimacy, plus restore and enhancing connection.

Once you’ve got it down you’ll use it again and again, because it couldn’t be easier and it’s so effective. It allows you to share with your partner what’s really going on inside of you, without the need to explain yourself or fix anything.

It’s a great practice for learning how to be truly present for one another, free of old patterns and power-struggles. The best thing about it is that it teaches you how to hold sacred space for one another in the bedroom because it creates a safe container for both people to feel known.

It’s super easy to get set up!  Just hit play on the intro above and then follow along the guided practice below when your ready. My wife and I recorded this together, so don't be alarmed by her voice. 

You’re invited to interact with this audio recording however feels right to you-- it was designed to benefit you in multiple ways.

  • Listen before or after date-nights to start or finish the evening feeling more connected.
  • Listen as part of a regular weekly routine to keep restoring trust and intimacy that's been lost or broken (i.e. every Sunday night after the kids go to bed).
  • Do the exercise solo to work on connecting with yourself by writing your responses in a personal journal 

Tips for Success

  • Follow along the guide. Let it be easy! Repetition is key to changing old patterns. Listen daily. Challenge yourself to listen for 7 days straight.
  • Make it beautiful. Set the mood with candles and relaxing background music.
  • Enhance your practice by using essential oils. I suggest Sandalwood, the Oil of Sacred Devotion or Frankincense, the Oil of Truth. Anoint one another's forehead or heart before you begin. If you are new to essential oils, you can learn more here.
  • Trust the process. Trust and intimacy take time and a little bit of grace and compassion for one another (and yourself) goes a long way. You are building a strong container of conscious love. Stay with it. Do the practice often and make it your own to support deeper connection.
  • Bookmark this page to return to it whenever you need!
  • If your wife wants to hear about this practice from a woman's perspective send him to my husband. He can learn some tips that are just for him. ;)